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Toonami Show Rundown #24 – Check Yourself Before You Rick Yourself

Posted 5 September 2014 / By Nick Gibson / Headline/ Opinion/ Podcast

Help us extend a warm welcome to the Toonami Show Rundown podcast! If you’ve tuned into TSR, you know it embodies exactly the kind of fan-sourced opinion and commentary that we’ve always wanted to foster in the community. For that reason, we’re happy to begin headlining TSR episodes here at ToonamiFan. Be sure to check out previous episodes at TSR’s YouTube channel, and don’t forget to hit them up on Twitter. But, without further ado, onto to the latest episode!

Are you out enjoying yourself with family and friends the day after Labor Day? Of course you aren’t, you’re here listening to us talk about action cartoons, you lovable manchild, you. Except we aren’t talking about action cartoons (okay, maybe one or two), but thanks to the Attack on Titan marathon we decided to talk about some other shows after Space Dandy. So sit back, cry, and enjoy us banter back and forth about shows you no doubt hate because you think your Chinese cartoons are vastly superior.

Comments (5)

  • Daikun

    Yay! A new podcast to check out. :)

  • Chase Monroe

    Thank you for Hellsing Ultimate I was hoping for this show! you all are great!! I jumped off my couch and said HELL YEAH!!! When I herd you where playing it

  • Graham (Daikun)

    Chase: This website is not Toonami.

    Also, when are you guys going to put podcast #25 on here? It’s on the YouTube channel right now.

  • abu

    they should do a kill la kill marathon. do any one agry?

  • toonamiboy390

    hey im new

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