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Toonami Show Rundown #28 – All the Things!
Posted 9 October 2014 / By Nick Gibson / Headline/ Opinion/ Podcast

If Batman is the night, then Dandy is the day. It’s like yin and yang, baby. You know…except it isn’t. I honestly feel like that comparison is lacking because that would imply that they were both of equal standing, but as you can see from our background, Batman is bigger than Ridley and takes up way too much space. So the idea that they are two sides of the same coin is kind of nonsensical, don’t you think?

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Toonami Show Rundown #27 – It Was Me, Ginjou!
Posted 27 September 2014 / By Nick Gibson / Headline/ Opinion/ Podcast

What do you do when you cross 3 1/2 half hours of Beware the Batman and a bottle of Michael Collins? A nasty Sunday hangover. Howdy ho, Faithful. Looks like the force decided it no longer wanted to be with you and NTR-d you for the Mouse. It’s all cool though, ’cause we got your back. Unlike Batman, we’re not going to walk out on you like your estranged father did on Christmas Eve all those years ago, so sit back, form Titan (loljk) and get ready for another episode of the Toonami Show Rundown!

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Toonami Show Rundown #25 – Sissy Pig Showdown
Posted 15 September 2014 / By Nick Gibson / Headline/ Opinion/ Podcast

For the past 26 weeks we had a big gun and we took it from out lord [sic?]. It was slick with justice, but as we all know—there is no justice. There are no heroes left in man. However, there is us, and that’s pretty freakin’ close.


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Toonami Show Rundown #24 – Check Yourself Before You Rick Yourself
Posted 5 September 2014 / By Nick Gibson / Headline/ Opinion/ Podcast

Help us extend a warm welcome to the Toonami Show Rundown podcast! If you’ve tuned into TSR, you know it embodies exactly the kind of fan-sourced opinion and commentary that we’ve always wanted to foster in the community. For that reason, we’re happy to begin headlining TSR episodes here at ToonamiFan. Be sure to check out previous episodes at TSR’s YouTube channel, and don’t forget to hit them up on Twitter. But, without further ado, onto to the latest episode!

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