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Toonami Absolution Sessions: “Final Session”
Posted 25 June 2014 / By Andrew "Sketch" Hingson / Headline/ Opinion

This is the end, beautiful friends. Because I am now hosting and editing the Toonami Faithful Podcast, the Absolution Sessions are coming to end. I wanted to give it some kind of send-off and had previously promised Jose that he could be on one of these round-table discussions, so here’s one last episode in which we talk about Space Dandy, future prospects for Toonami and a bit about Toonami since it’s return and it’s current position on US television. We constantly go off topic and there’s about a half hour of off-topic discussion that may interest you after the end of the episode. Stay gold.
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Toonami Absolution Sessions: “A Dandy Conversation” (Space Dandy 1-4 Talkback)
Posted 1 February 2014 / By Andrew "Sketch" Hingson / Headline/ Opinion

No, you’re not seeing things. And no, it has not been 9 months since the last one. CabooseJr made us a new intro and he and Paul wouldn’t quit bugging me about being on one of these podcasts. We kick off with a discussion of Black Lagoon joining the block, followed by a talkback for the first four episodes of Space Dandy. We also discuss how Space Dandy is doing so far (SPOILER: it is doing Dandy). We deviate a little here and there – that’s how you know it’s 100% Absolution Session. Then we take a long time to sign off and get way off-topic at the end. You know what you came for by now.

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Missing Minutes: Unraveling How Toonami Uses Airtime
Posted 10 January 2014 / By Andrew "Sketch" Hingson / Headline/ Opinion

There has been some controversy over why Naruto: Shippuden and Bleach received 30 second custom intros on Toonami instead of running their full original openings (which Bleach had done before). I’ll try to unravel that mystery by looking at exactly how long the runtimes for these shows are on Toonami.

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Mackenzie’s Naruto: Shippuden Primer
Posted 2 January 2014 / By Mackenzie Haa / Headline/ Information

With January 4th almost upon us, I decided to take the time to prime readers for the other anime series premiering on this date, Naruto: Shippuden. Replacing the original Naruto series in the lineup (which is moving to 3:00 a.m. and starting over), this sequel series perhaps represents Toonami’s future even more than Space Dandy. Why? In this mock Q&A format, I will answer that question and others. Please read on for all of the information you need about this loooooooooong-running series.

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Toonami Absolution Sessions: “Fine and Dandy” (The Toonami 2013 Recap)
Posted 31 December 2013 / By Andrew "Sketch" Hingson / Headline/ Opinion

Awestruck Kevin thought it would be a good idea to do a recap of 2013 so he, Ani-Nation, Duelist and myself recorded a round-table discussion in our usual Absolution Sessions format. We recap 2013 by talking about the good, the bad and the so-so. We also discuss what’s coming soon and give our hopes and predictions for the block in 2014. Hit the jump for the video. Hope you enjoy it!

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