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The Legend: Classic Interview With Joe Boyd Vigil
Posted 2 March 2008 / By Frederick Awich / Interview

Back in 2006, Frederick Awich landed a lengthy interview with Joe Boyd Vigil. It has been rehosted here in its entirety, complete with expanded links and mirrored music files. For the record.

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Music Review: Black Hole Megamix
Posted 26 February 2008 / By Nick Gibson / Review

Just before Deep Space Bass was released in 2001, and for a little while afterwards, there was talk of a whole line of Toonami CDs showcasing the greatest beat tracks used on the block. Dismal sales of DSB dashed those hopes, and it seemed like that was the end of the story. Toonami would continue, sans commercial releases of its music. Consequently, it was all the more surprising when a new album was ‘leaked’ to the Toonami Digital Arsenal in 2003. According to what little information TDA provided with the release, “DJ Clarknova took Toonami’s beats – some old, some new, some never before heard – and threw them into ProTools along with sound bytes from recent Toonami and sAdult Swim shows. Out came an hour-long smorgasbord of Toonami goodness. It was called the Toonami Black Hole Megamix. It was supposed to be the second Toonami CD. Things happened, and the CD never saw the light of day.”

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Music Review: The Inevitable Course of Events
Posted 7 February 2008 / By Nick Gibson / Review

Last time we did a review of Joe Boyd Vigil’s Deeper Space, a sort of catch-up article in preparation for his newest album,The Inevitable Course of Events. (Well, ‘newest’ is relative – it came out on December 19th of last year.) This CD is avaliable as a digital download from iTunes and Amazon MP3. You can stream a few select tracks at Last.FM as well. It’s good to see Mr. Vigil is still alive and well, cranking out the songs. Apparently he’s working on a new album as well – when I talked to him in January he mentioned that he was mixing some new tracks, so keep your fingers crossed. Some quick specs: the album is pretty budget-priced, going for a mere $8.99, but it’s shorter as well: the 10 tracks only run for a touch over forty minutes. Stylistically it’s a darker version of Deeper Space, with brooding bass lines and more pronounced beats. The electric cascades and ambience synth are still present, but overall the tone is muted and almost depressed at times. Check these mini-reviews below for more details about the individual tracks. These are just my opinions, but hopefully they’ll give you a better feel for the songs before you buy.

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Music Review: Deeper Space
Posted 4 February 2008 / By Nick Gibson / Review

After releasing Deep Space Bass in 2001, Joe Boyd Vigil practically dropped off the face of the Internet until 2006, when he returned to the waking world with a MySpace pagea website, and a new album in development, Deeper Space. From the title you’d expect it to be a spiritual sequel of sorts to the original Deep Space Bass, but that’s not really the case. Deeper Space is similar, but has a flavor all its own. The album has 14 tracks and runs for just under an hour. Vigil’s trademark beats and use of ethereal, space-like sliders are present, but in general the two have been transposed in relation to Deep Space Bass. The beats fade more to the background as you listen, replaced by the dreamlike foreground synth. One the whole I would say that the album has departed slightly from the hard electronica that characterized teh Toonami era and shifted more to the New Age genre of rhythm-structure meditation. On the other hand there are a few tracks that are highlyreminiscent of Vigil’s earlier work, namely ‘Buka 24 Jam’ and the title ‘Deeper Space’. Here’s a set of mini-reviews for the individual tracks.

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Toonami Fan CD – Rare, Restored, Recut
Posted 30 January 2008 / By Nick Gibson / Announcement

Considering the current condition of the Toonami fan framework, I thought it would be best to mirror Robert Guzman’s (aka DJ Calus) excellent Toonami: Rare, Restored, Recut project on This will be here for anyone who wants it in case the original Rapidshare (curse ye!) expires. This short-but-sweet album is a collection of extended promo tracks such as Chill, Arabic, and Strings – believe me, you’ll recognize these – as well as no-vox versions of songs found in the Black Hole Megamix. The project is a fine piece of work, and so far I’ve really enjoyed it.

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