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And here they are: the bold and daring wits that forge truth from opinion. Sit back and allow yourself to be brainwashed by the stellar minds of ToonamiFan. Once you’ve been fully indoctrinated, feel free to join our ranks and further our agenda.

Nick Gibson
Founder and Major Domo

There is no knowledge that is not power. Remember that, little Grasshopper. Also, try to keep your cool when you’re hammering out rants against The Man on your kewl fansite. Those arguments will sound really dumb five years later. And the internet is forever.

Mackenzie “macattack” Haa
Contributing Writer and Toonami Oldbie

Tries to write young adult fiction IRL, succumbs to urges to write Gundam SEED and Naruto fanfic instead. Also writes for Bilateral Warp and Toon Zone. The rare Toonami Oldbie that didn’t watch the block in its “prime” of ’00-01. Says a lot right there.

Andrew “Sketch” Hingson
First In the Hearts of His Countrymen

Discussing Toonami and speculating about its future may be a frivolous endeavor, but I will always value the bonds I have forged due to mutual interest. If I affected even one life in a positive way, then that time wasn’t wasted. Always value people more than cartoons.

The People’s Toonami Site
This place is called ToonamiFan for a reason. You can share your opinions and memories with everyone. Internet glory - or something close - is just a submission away. Is there anyone better suited for the job? Hardly. The Revolution was televised, and we were witness.
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