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Sketch’s 2015+ Toonami Wish List

Posted 24 December 2014 / By Andrew "Sketch" Hingson / Headline/ Opinion

I, like anyone, have certain shows that I would love to see air on Toonami. Fortunately, some of my all-time favorites have already joined the line-up at one point or another. There’s still quite a few series that I feel are begging to air on Toonami. In the spirit of the holidays, here is my wish list for Toonami in the year(s) to come.

10) Madoka Magica

I’ll be the first to admit this series is not an easy sell. The moe magical girl aesthetic is hard to get over but anyone who has seen the series knows that by the end of episode three the show becomes an exceptional choice for Toonami. The show deconstructs magical girl series in a manner that is downright disturbing and pulls no punches. It’s a bold narrative that’s action packed and constantly keeps the viewers on their toes. It’s an utterly bizarre show but Toonami is just the kind of experimental block that could give the show a proper home.

9) Michiko & Hatchin

Hailed as the Brazilian Bebop, this journey of an escaped felon and her boyfriend’s daughter is sure to catch the interest of the viewers who crave more series like Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. The modern setting offers a number of great locals to drink in and a superb sound track to enjoy the view to. It’s a bit light on action and heavier on drama but there’s easily enough excitement to keep the majority of the audience engaged.

8) Gargantia

Looking for a solid sci-fi adventure? Gargantia has you covered. A soldier crash lands on an unfamiliar planet and finds he cannot understand the native inhabitants and must use his mech’s AI to communicate. Meaning well he attempts to help the people using his advanced technology but soon finds that if he is to peacefully co-inhabit this land he must change his militaristic ways. Luckily one of the local girls has taken a liking to him and helps him adjust to a new life but his arrival sets off a chain reaction that leads to startling revelations of this world. There series is packed with thrills and suspense that are further enhanced by excellent action animation by Production I.G.; the series can be truly stunning.

7) Psycho-Pass

In a future where the lives of each individual are decided by a system that judges their potential for criminal actions, a new inspector has to learn the ropes about working within the system using the tools the system provides. One such tool is an enforcer, a latent criminal who has an acknowledged ability for detective work. Many inspectors have become enforcers due to their psycho-passes becoming clouded from handling investigations about deplorable acts. However, Akane has a unique ability to keep a clear psycho-pass regardless of the situation. She solves the cases along-side ex-inspector Kougami aiming to bring down a larger threat looming over their recent cases but what can you do when the system that judges each individual and distributes justice, fails? The series asks a lot of interesting questions about society and human nature. It has a very compelling narrative pieced together over several shorter mysteries and a fair amount of action while the inspectors and enforcers work cases. It has the kind of mainstream appeal of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex but with a more youthful vibe. Interestingly enough, the animation is also done by Production I.G., at least in the first season.

6) Gundam 00

Gundam was a Toonami staple for years and this series often said to be the spiritual successor to Gundam Wing once aired on Syfy’s Ani-Monday block like Gurren Lagann, but I think it’s well passed time for it to come to the original home of Gundam in America. Unfortunately, its availability is highly in question. Once it becomes available I dearly hope Toonami picks it up but I could easily see them passing over it for the next new Gundam series or the nostalgic Gundam Wing. To tell you a bit about the series, it centers on an organization called Celestial Being which has sent Gundams to halt military conflict. Naturally, other organizations don’t appreciate this and the Gundam pilots soon find themselves fighting multiple threats. It has the usual political intrigue and the flashy giant robot battles you’ve come to expect from modern Gundam series and that I assure you is more than enough for me to want to see it air on Toonami someday.

5) Tiger & Bunny

Let’s face it, we will be hard-pressed to see any DC or Marvel super heroes on Toonami again but that doesn’t mean we cannot have a super hero show for the block. Tiger & Bunny can easily fill that vacancy and do so with some serious flair. In a city where super heroics are recorded for all the world to see and heroes compete for points based on how well they take down bad guys, over-the-hill hero, Kotetsu has been paired up with up with the new kid on the block. Oddly enough they have nearly identical powers. The new kid, Barnaby has joined the hero scene to find out who murdered his parents while Kotetsu is just trying to stay in the game and not be a terrible father. They occasionally work along-side other quirky hero types who they are technically competing with. There are two major story arcs. Both are filled with dynamic action, compelling drama and lots of laughs. Unless the real sponsor logos presented in the show keep it from airing I can think of no good reason for Toonami to not pick up this modern gem.

4) Parasyte

It’s maybe a bit early to call this one but after about 12 episodes there’s no doubt in my mind that Parasyte is grade “A” Toonami material. The story begins with alien parasites arriving on earth and finding hosts. Shinichi was able to realize something was attacking him and prevented the parasite from reaching its ultimate destination of the brain. The parasite later reveals that he has taken over Shinichi’s hand and warns Shinichi that other parasites in host bodies will seek them out and kill them if they realize Shinichi is a non-conformist. The parasite Migi and Shinichi gradually grow accustom to each other and start working together to fight other parasites with hosts but their troubles quickly escalate. The series is pulse pounding suspenseful, has great fights and is full of meaty character growth. It may be a while before it is available but it’s a must have for Toonami later down the line.

3) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Who doesn’t love some Jojo’s? The series is absolutely insane in the best way. Over the top action up the wazoo and great characters throughout the generations the series spans. At the beginning of our tail Jonathan Joestar meets Dio Brando who is taken into his family when Dio’s father passes. The two boys develop fierce rivalry. Dio discovers a mysterious mask with the power to turn a man into a vampire and proceeds to rip everything he can away from Jonathan until Jonathan comes back swinging. Jonathan is later trained in a power that can match Dio’s vampirism. The story continues over 3 generations thus far but the most popular involves Jotaro Joestar who can summon a spirit to fight for him. You really have to see Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for yourself to truly understand why it’s so great. Here’s hoping someday Toonami can get it.

2) Hunter X Hunter

The best manga to anime adaptation of a shounen series that has ever existed may very well be Hunter x Hunter. It’s all killer and no filler and because of that the pacing is usually tight and the story moves along at a good click. The story is about Gon Freecs, a boy who wants nothing more than to become a hunter like his father Ging. Gon finally enters the hunter exam and meets some allies who stick with him through part or most of his journey. The most notable among them is Killua, who was raised as an assassin but would like to escape that life and go on adventures with Gon. Gon must face many trials in the hunter exam and far more after it. It’s hard not to enjoy this journey full of heartfelt drama, hard-hitting action and genuine laughs. With nearly 150 episodes in the tank it would last Toonami for years; it’s just too bad it isn’t available to be picked up yet. None the less it’s well-earned this spot near the top of my wish-list.

1) Gundam Unicorn

Topping off my list is another Gundam. Gundam Unicorn is a breath-taking OVA series expanding the UC Gundam storyline. It has the classic Gundam feel and leaves the viewer once again questioning just who the good guy in this grand space opera is? Banagher Links has stumbled upon a princess on the run and a Gundam that could turn the tides of war. Naturally he ends up in a tug-of-war between conflicting ideas while other characters show all the sides of the conflict. It’s a fantastic series with stunning mech battles and compelling character arcs. The length of episodes alone could prove problematic for scheduling the series on Toonami but Hellsing has at least opened up that possibility some. The biggest hurdle however is that it may be a while before the TV rights are available. It would be a real shame if this superb Gundam series were never to air on Toonami and for that reason it’s at the top of my wish list.

Comments (3)

  • Roberta’s Blood Trail didn’t make the list?

  • Glorious Gamer Goddess

    Thumbs Up for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ^_^ ♥

  • yes we got jojo and madoka

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