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Second Wind: Shows That Deserve Another Life (Part 4) (Really)

Posted 5 June 2014 / By Graham (Daikun) / Headline/ Opinion

[Special contributor Graham (a.k.a. Daikun) from Toonami Infolink continues his article series. Check out part onetwo, and three!]

Well, Toonami has gone and done it.  Recently at MomoCon, Toonami has announced that they’ve acquired DBZ Kai – the very show I railed against back in my first editorial.  I’m not mad, though, just a bit disappointed.  Bleach has roughly 20 episodes left, and since Kai is coming (in their words) in the fall, it seems like the most obvious replacement.  Good for DBZ fans, but Toonami really could have used that slot for something that hasn’t been played hundreds of times already.  How about a new show, or perhaps another classic series that hasn’t been played nearly as much…  Something that we haven’t seen in seemingly forever…?

#4: Sailor Moon (For real, this time)

No, this isn’t another late April Fools joke. Back in my introductory editorial, one of the rules I’ve stated is that I wouldn’t include unlicensed shows in this series, Sailor Moon being one of them. Well, times have changed, and I can now proudly include the franchise in this list.

Sailor Moon has had a rocky history in North America. The series was introduced in U.S. syndication through a hack dub by DiC. DiC changed character names, tacked-on a PSA at the end of each episode – even if the messages had nothing to do with the content of the episodes themselves – and hacked the show to pieces via missing and merged episodes. After languishing in obscurity for a while, Sailor Moon finally found a new home on Toonami in 1998. The Toonami run even featured several unaired episodes from the DiC run.

The series was later transferred to Cloverway, whose dub wasn’t much better. It was slightly less edited than DiC’s version and the stupid PSAs were gone, but Cloverway retained the name changes and altered the relationship between two of the Sailor Scouts – an act of censorship that unintentionally made a certain controversial subtext even creepier. Geneon and ADV obtained sub-licenses, the latter using theirs to release some of the series uncut on home video. But the releases were incomplete. The rights to the series became a mess, until 2005 when Toei and Kodansha ended all rights and distribution of the anime and manga in North America. It seemed like the marquee magical girl franchise had run its course.

Or did it…?

At Anime Central this year, Viz Media made the announcement that they’ve acquired all of Sailor Moon. The series will be uncut and redubbed, and that’s just the icing on top of the cake. Aside from the original four seasons, they’ve also acquired the three movies, the Sailor Stars season (which has never been released Stateside), and the new series Sailor Moon Crystal, which will debut on July 4. This is the definitive year to be a Sailor Moon fan. During MomoCon, the Toonami crew stated that they’re looking at Sailor Moon as a potential pickup, so the interest is certainly there. (If you don’t want to watch the whole panel, here’s an image with a quick recap.)

With regards to DBZ, it’s great that Toonami will be bringing back the killer app that made their block a mega-hit and kicked off its Golden Age. However, it’s a complete story that we’ve seen multiple times already. I feel it would be a better decision to show off one of the block’s original stepping stones – and show it in its entirety, the way it should have been all those years ago.

Welcome back to 1998.

Tune in next time for my next pick!

[Image credit: cow41087]

Comments (3)

  • Graham (Daikun)

    On a side note, unless something happens in the coming months, both Bleach and Attack on Titan are currently set to air their finales on the same day (October 25).

    Double premiere, perhaps? That may be interesting…

  • Dragon Ball Z had aired on Toonami before. It was a mega -hit success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. And many viewers (including myself) watched the show on weekday afternoons. It was a lot of fun and get to spend time with the show and the rest of the Dragon Ball series/movies (DB, DBZ films, 2 DBZ specials, and GT). Now Dragon Ball Z Kai (the remastered version from the original DBZ) is coming back to Toonami this year in the fall. And who knows…maybe Toonami could air Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods movie on Adult Swim. Now as for Sailor Moon, I am happy that the series is back in North America, because the show didn’t even finish its complete run in the early 2000s. When I was at the age of 4 in 1995, Sailor Moon was my very first show that I got introduced into anime. DiC as I remember from my childhood, was the distributor who ran the first two seasons of Sailor Moon from 1995 through 1999, until Cloverway Inc. picked up the Sailor Moon series/franchise to dub seasons three and four in the early 2000s. However, I did not grew up with the rest of the Sailor Moon series on television. The last time I watched Sailor Moon on TV was somewhere around the late 1990s and early 2000s during my elementary school days back then. And I haven’t watched Sailor Moon ever since. Years later between 2009 and 2011, I researched about what happened to Sailor Moon that used to be aired on television, and I was absolutely shocked that DiC skipped the episodes (I was a kid at that time from the ’90s), DiC went out of order, DiC messed up the storyline from season 1 of Sailor Moon (when they revealed Princess Serenity from the beginning of the series), DiC censored most of the good stuff that us boys would like to see on TV (not trying to be like Dragon Ball Z or Yu Yu Hakusho), and most importantly as I remembered from my childhood, DiC made the PSA (aka Sailor Says segments) at the end of each episode. Which indeed its not supposed to be there in the anime. But to my own opinion, the English dub was good, and the series was doing successfully on Toonami from the late 1990s and early 2000s. So that is good. Now thanks to Viz Media (who acquired the rights for Sailor Moon this year), we want to see the the whole Sailor Moon series (including Crystal) on Toonami on Adult Swim. And I definitely want to see the Sailor Stars in English dub (which indeed the fifth and final arc of Sailor Moon has never made the appearance in North America until now) on Toonami. So I am very proud to Viz Media for bringing back Sailor Moon for us and the new generation as well.

  • Just to let everbody know toonami will be shortin from 12 to 3 30

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