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Second Wind: Shows That Deserve Another Life (It’s a Gundam! Bonus Edition)

Posted 16 November 2014 / By Graham (Daikun) / Headline/ Opinion

[Special contributor Graham (a.k.a. Daikun) from Toonami Infolink continues his article series. Check out his previous entry!]

It seems I spoke too soon. In my previous article, I said that I was done listing the shows that I wanted to see on Toonami. Well, less than a week after that article went up, Right Stuf made the surprise announcement that they’ve acquired Gundam from Sunrise. Due to this shocking news coming at the last minute, here’s a bonus editorial for Japan’s enduring mecha franchise. Since Gundam spans multiple series, movies, and spinoffs that encompass 35 years (!!), in the vein of my DC Comics recommendations, I’m going to list off the Gundam media I’d like to see, whether it aired on Toonami or not.

#7: Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack

This special movie aired on Adult Swim Action on the final night of the first iteration of its Saturday block on January 4, 2003. Mobile Suit Gundam was tragically cut short on its original run on Toonami after the 9/11 attacks occurred, although they kindly broadcast the final episode on New Year’s. Fast-forward to June 2002, and MSG would make a return to Adult Swim Action…and due to the block ending in 2003 thanks to its newfound weekday expansion, its run was even shorter. To make up for two incomplete runs in a row, they aired the sequel movie so it could go out with a bang.

Now I bet you’re asking why I’m not requesting the main series. There are two reasons for this: MSG did terrible in the ratings, and Toonami has stated that they won’t air anything older than Cowboy Bebop. However, for the movies, they have broken this rule. Akira and the DBZ movies are much older than Bebop, yet Toonami aired them anyway, so I feel at least Char’s Counterattack has a good chance of airing again.

G Gundam

The hammiest, steroid-chargiest, adrenaline-pumpiest, most over-the-top iteration of Gundam you’ll ever see! Forget all this emotional baggage with wars, endless philosophical waxing, and bishonen protagonists; we’ve got a giant robot tournament to fight! Pair this with Gurren Lagann and you’ll have a power hour of robot-demolishing manliness.

Gundam: The Origin

How about some new Gundam for once? This series of OVAs, releasing in 2015, is going to be dubbed by NYAV Post and serves as the prequel to the entire Gundam franchise. Considering how successful Hellsing Ultimate is doing and Toonami may pick up more hour-long shows in the future, this would be a great special presentation for the lineup.

Gundam Unicorn

The final Gundam property to be dubbed by Bandai before they went under, and the Blu-Rays were recently released by Right Stuf. This is the perfect chance for Toonami to jump on the bandwagon while it’s still fresh. And saving the best for last…

Gundam Wing

The big show where I’d kick myself if I didn’t put it on this list. This was the series that introduced a whole country to this franchise and had the honor of airing uncut long before Adult Swim came into existence. While Ronin Warriors was merely a testing ground for Cartoon Network’s partnership with Bandai, Gundam Wing opened the floodgates and cemented it. This was the series that transformed CN’s censorship and broadcast standards for the better, and stands as a testament of Toonami’s Golden Age and evolution. Also, as a movie night, it would be nice to see its sequel, Endless Waltz, again.

Okay, NOW we’ve reached the end of potential returning pickups for Toonami. Next time, the list of shows that didn’t make the cut.

[Image credit: cow41087]

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