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Schedule Archive Goes Live
Posted 30 December 2013 / By Nick Gibson / News

Surprise! For some time now, Matt C. has been building an awesome archive of Toonami programming schedules. It represents a huge chunk of the block’s history, spanning from 2004 to the present. Better yet, he has plans to extend the archive all the way back to Toonami’s birth in the late ’90s. Check it out here first, then go tell him thanks on Twitter @ItachiIshtar. If you have any information or data that can help fill in the pre-2004 gap, feel free to pitch in! You can ping us here at Toonami Fan via our contact page or hit us up on one of our social media platforms. (Better yet, tell Matt yourself!)

Site (Re)Launch!
Posted 11 December 2013 / By Nick Gibson / News

ToonamiFan is back! We’ll continue migrating content from the old site over the next week or two, but we were so eager to throw the switch that we just couldn’t help ourselves. Fresh articles coming soon!

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