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Second Wind: Shows That Deserve Another Life (It’s a Gundam! Bonus Edition)
Posted 16 November 2014 / By Graham (Daikun) / Headline/ Opinion

[Special contributor Graham (a.k.a. Daikun) from Toonami Infolink continues his article series. Check out his previous entry!]

It seems I spoke too soon. In my previous article, I said that I was done listing the shows that I wanted to see on Toonami. Well, less than a week after that article went up, Right Stuf made the surprise announcement that they’ve acquired Gundam from Sunrise. Due to this shocking news coming at the last minute, here’s a bonus editorial for Japan’s enduring mecha franchise. Since Gundam spans multiple series, movies, and spinoffs that encompass 35 years (!!), in the vein of my DC Comics recommendations, I’m going to list off the Gundam media I’d like to see, whether it aired on Toonami or not.

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