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Second Wind: Shows That Deserve Another Life (Special Edition)
Posted 17 August 2014 / By Graham (Daikun) / Headline/ Opinion

[Special contributor Graham (a.k.a. Daikun) from Toonami Infolink continues his article series. Check out part onetwothree, and four!]

After more than two years since returning to Adult Swim, Toonami has finally been given the chance to broadcast premieres of a western animated series. Instead of waiting over a full year for Star Wars: The Clone Wars to catch up to its unaired sixth season (assuming they would get the rights down the road), Toonami was placed on the fast track by airing Beware the Batman in full. This marks a big stepping stone for the block since it reunites them with DC Entertainment – Toonami and DC have always mixed well together like peanut butter and jelly.

I’m celebrating this occasion with a special episode of Second Wind. Instead of one particular series, I’m going to recommend a bunch of DC animation in general.

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