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Second Wind: Shows That Deserve Another Life (Part 3)
Posted 9 March 2014 / By Graham (Daikun) / Headline/ Opinion

[Special contributor Graham (a.k.a. Daikun) from Toonami Infolink continues his article series. Check out part one and two!]

I thought I’d wait for a few episodes of Blue Exorcist to air on Toonami before I started my next entry in this series. But then something unexpected happened, which prompted me to switch gears: Toonami has lost the rights to InuYasha and is replacing it with Sym-Bionic Titan. That got me thinking – what happened to the mech shows on Toonami? They were pretty prominent when the block returned in 2012, then they just quietly vanished over time. I’m sure mech shows will inevitably make their comeback as licenses change hands, but there’s one series in particular that Toonami and Adult Swim fans alike have been wanting to make its triumphant return for years:

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