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Nailing New Toonami: Five Relaunch Tips
Posted 25 May 2012 / By John / Opinion

As you all know (or are finding out now), Toonami is being resurrected, and I gotta say, I’m pretty excited. Toonami was *the* reason I got into anime, tho I had been watching some it’s shows (like DBZ, Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon) on other channels years before it kicked off. So I might have technically been watching anime from the age of 5 or w/e, but Toonami brought it full-steam into my life. Sadly, somewhere around I suppose ’06-’07, it started to lose steam with me. Just school, life, and the growing presence of other sources for many anime Toonami never aired being the culprits. Ironically at that same time the line-up just didn’t impress me, and it lost a lot of its edge with me.

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