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Inescapable: Boy Meets Toonami
Posted 31 January 2008 / By Nick Gibson / Nostalgia

As a kid I never watched much television. Movies, yeah, but I’d never been into cartoons and there weren’t any other shows I really liked. So even as an eleven-year-old there was very little reason for me to turn on the tube; when I did it usually meant I was bored out of my mind. That all changed in a single ten-minute period of time. I can remember that fateful day like it was yesterday. Has it really been eight years now? Eight years?!!

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Toonami Fan CD – Rare, Restored, Recut
Posted 30 January 2008 / By Nick Gibson / Announcement

Considering the current condition of the Toonami fan framework, I thought it would be best to mirror Robert Guzman’s (aka DJ Calus) excellent Toonami: Rare, Restored, Recut project on This will be here for anyone who wants it in case the original Rapidshare (curse ye!) expires. This short-but-sweet album is a collection of extended promo tracks such as Chill, Arabic, and Strings – believe me, you’ll recognize these – as well as no-vox versions of songs found in the Black Hole Megamix. The project is a fine piece of work, and so far I’ve really enjoyed it.

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